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Trophy & Award Engraving Eugene OR

If you have a trophy, award, or personal item made from aluminum, brass, as well as some acrylic material (like jewelry, knives and flashlights); you can have it professionally engraved for a low price at Bar-N-Dee Trophies. Bar-N-Dee Trophies CANNOT engrave glass or wood pieces.

Custom Award Engraving Services Eugene ORGet the best results from computerized engraving
You can create complex engravings on your awards by utilizing our engraving tools.

Professional engraving is done by hand or through a computer program that allows you to engrave your company logo onto awards or other materials for a truly professional look.



Color awardAdd color to your award with sublimation
Sublimation is color printing and works extremely well for logos. With trophies and awards, sublimation is used to place the logo or illustration on the trophy or award’s plate.

You can also use sublimation to place logos on materials that cannot be engraved, such as porcelain, glass, wood, etc.

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